We’ve always been digital advertising dynamos

Now, SON Helsinki and Dynamo Advertising are Dynamo&Son

Hey, who turned out the lights?

This year, Stockmann wanted to create a Christmas campaign that would do the impossible – get kids even more excited about Santa’s arrival than usual. SON Helsinki teamed up with Kuubi to let kids and kids-at-heart spend a dreamy night running around Stockmann’s toy department. Kids were encouraged to add toys to their Christmas list, making it easy to send to parents, grandparents, godparents, and – of course – Santa. Talk about Happy Holidays!


A movement for better work places

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It’s a hard knock life

Nokia mobile phones are built to last. And last, and last, and last. When Nokia needed a video that would tell the story of trust and quality, SON was there to answer the call. The video shows that Nokia mobile phones are ready to face the challenges of everyday life, and look beautiful doing it.


Doing the write thing for Itella

Itella Kontakti gives small and medium-sized businesses a treasure trove of tools to turn potential contacts into valuable ones. SON Helsinki designed and implemented a B2B campaign that got beyond-belief results with a conversion rate that exceeded our original target by a whopping 108%.


Digital mingling

Rebranding the leading social media company in Finland


Introducing Puustelli Miinus

The Puustelli Miinus kitchen is different. It is not only beautiful outside – it is also smart inside. It is pure plus for the environment.

Design in collaboration with Creative Agency Bond.


Grand design in motion

SON was chosen to design the identity for the 2013 edition of Grand One, the biggest and most important annual awards gala for digital marketing and communications in Finland.

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  • Communicator Website Video Award of Distinction

Wow browsing for the interested man

When Otavamedia was on the hunt for a fresh way to reach new readers for its family of print and online magazines, BOB Helsinki teamed up with SON to find a solution. In the process we discovered a brand new species: "Homo Studiosos – the interested man". Because a new species deserves a new way of communicating, we combined video and web to tell a unique and exciting story.


  • Communicator Website Publishing Award of Excellence
  • Communicator Website Motion Graphics Award of Excellence
  • Webby Awards Interactive Advertising Honoree
  • Awwwards Site of the day
  • The FWA Public shortlist

Shaking things up for Valio

SON created a new web site, branded content and social media campaign to build buzz around the new Valio PROfeel® product family. Athletes of all shapes, sizes and levels used Spotify, Facebook and the valio.fi site to compete in the battle of the best workout playlist.

Scroll yourself to victory

Together with Valio we went out to find the fastest scroller on the planet.


Telling moving stories for Nokia

Nokia Asha is a massively successful line of phones that are changing the game and lives all over the world. Nokia approached SON to produce a series of videos that tell the story of real people, real lives and the all the amazing things Nokia Asha is helping them do.

London Moscow Bangkok Jakarta Mexico D.F. New Delhi

  • Communicator Website Video Award of Distinction
  • Lovie Awards Video Editing Shortlisted

Iconic design for DNA

DNA needed a new set of icons that is as simple as it is beautiful. SON designed an icon set that gives DNA an easy-to-understand visual language that speaks volumes and translates across multiple platforms.

3D icons for DNA

The DNA icons were used as a base for series of 3D illustrations and motion sequences used in varied marketing materials.

Talking tummies with Valio

The challenge: come up with a natural way to talk about digestion. SON's solution: put people in a booth, ask them quirky questions about their tummies and let the cameras roll. Their answers were used to create a teaser video, web and Facebook campaign and competition.

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Visual design that did the job for SAK's new website

"SON did a great job with the relaunch of the SAK.fi website"

— N2, Joakim Schonert


Getting Itella's message across

"SON people are professionals in concept design, writing and digital marketing. They are easy to work with, reliable, exact and prompt. I can warmly recommend SON Helsinki to challenging digital marketing projects."

— Leena Poutanen, Marketing Director, Itella Mail Communication

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Rethinking Stora Enso's visual identity

Inspired by changing worldviews on people and planet, Stora Enso launched an internal growth process called "Rethink". SON worked with N2 to create a new kind of website to reflect the new vision. The award-winning website showcases SON's strength in design and execution.


  • Grand One Best B2B Winner
  • Grand One Best Design Honorable mention
  • Vuoden huiput Digital Design Shortlisted
  • Awwwards Honorable mention

A galactic campaign for DNA and Samsung

Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy S III for DNA meant creating a print and web campaign that was out of this world. The campaign encouraged customers to preorder the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S III, and preorder they did. DNA sold out of handsets before they even hit stores.

A soulful video for Funck Helsinki

Funck Helsinki approached SON when they needed a video that would introduce their concept and company to the world. We designed and produced a stop-motion animation that conveyed the company's hands-on approach and people-centric philosophy.

Video Making of

  • Lovie Awards Animation Shortlisted
  • Vuoden Huiput Digital Design Shortlisted